Pannun: Revamp!

bloggg.pngPannun has received a giant update! The old rooms have been restored and the UI is the same as back in 2007/2008! It’s really nice and it brigs back so many memories for me! Clothing was sadly reset a few days ago because something broke in the database, but Satoshi compensated with coins! The quests work, but the quest book doesn’t. The tree houses are still broken though. Anyway, that’s all for today. Stay awesome!


Advertisements (ALLEGED) Release date is confirmed!

Hi everyone! This week has brought a lot of news, both in, Pannun and!

Gieniuk ( moderator) has uploaded a video on his YouTube Channel that reveals a date: the 2nd of May at 8pm! The video is in Polish, so I couldn’t understand much. Big thanks to Nicku from the Discord server for telling me what the video is about!
Anyway, that’s all for today. Stay awesome!

UPDATE: Chris has said that this IS NOT the launch date for It is the expected date that Pannun will be bug-free.

//Bounyey Painful launch!

So, today launched! But, there’s no such thing as a flawless launch. This time the launch was interrupted by an alleged DDOS attack! The site went down for about half an hour. When they managed to restore it, it was very slow.

What do I think about this? Well, I think that the site just couldn’t handle the amount of people coming to the website. But then the question arises: What will the actual launch of look like? With over 35 THOUSAND registered accounts, there’s surely gonna be at least 10 thousand people logging in. What will happen with the server then? made this Facebook post regarding the event:


I’m pretty sure that they think that it’s the crew that did this.
However, I spoke with Chris in the Discord an he said that they did not do it.
Anyway, stay awesome!

//Bounyey Closed Beta is starting!

So, as many of you know has had alot of delays. But the closed beta is finally starting! Beta accounts will be able to log in on the 28th of April 20:00 CEST. It’s a friday, which makes this launch even more exciting! This time applies for Sweden, Poland, Germany, Norway and a few more countries. So, if you have a beta account, make sure to log in! I sadly don’t have a beta account, but I’m still happy for the people that managed to get in the beta. Anyway, stay awesome everyone!



AFKing On Pannun?!

I’ve seen a lot of players on Pannun with EXTREMELY high levels!

How do they do that? The answer is simple: AFKing. You don’t get kicked when AFKing on Pannun, so stand still as long as your heart desires!panoon.PNG
If you can’t wait for and want to relive the experience right now visit Pannun at . There’s quite a lot of bugs though, like clothes you buy not saving or your level rewards disappearing. The morphs and abilities stay, though.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Stay awesome!


Vacation is over tomorrow!

As of writing this I’m still on my vacation; no computer, bad internet and only my phone, Nintendo 3DSes, Nintendo Switch and foreign TV to entertain myself with.

While I was supposed to take a break from everything, I still checked the and sites. has upfated their site a few times: first they added a PayPal link (it was removed not too long after and I didn’t screencap it) and then they added this little box:Screenshot_20170417-071959.png

Soon as in 1 week or 1 month? I thought that they said that it launches in 2-3 months. Hmm.. You know, the earlier the better, but I don’t want the game to be buggy.

Anyway, there hasn’t been anything more that I wanted to write here, as i haven’t logged onto CPR this week (because I don’t have access to a PC)

Alright, thanks for reading, be awesome, stay awesome and I’ll see you in the next post