The aftermath

Before we start, please do not throw hate my way. This is the launch the way I saw it. I have left the Discord server and will probably not play on

So, it’s been almost a week since launched. And I have to say, I am very disappointed. For starters, nobody was able to play on friday because of the server overload. When I was finally able to login there wasn’t much to do. The game was really laggy. And I don’t mean FPS lag. I mean ping lag. Rooms took 30 seconds to load and anything you did took about 5 seconds to come through. The game is boring. Having to start over, with no AFK, no coin bonuses for early adopters and nothing to make you want to play the game. Let’s compare to Pannun. Exacly the same as original Panfu. No new function (as of right now). Development started in late 2016. Pannun: Rooms and map are the same as they were in 2009. Newer rooms are still accessible from the map, but they are invisible. There’s also the :jr, goto and moveto commands that lot you teleport to rooms. You can AFK to get all the way to level 100, which is nice. There’s custom items, throwables and spells. There’s Nyan Cat. And last, but certanly not least, Pannun has existed for almost 10 years.

Do you understand why I find Pannun superior now? There’s also the fact that the Pannun crew is much more mature than the crew, but I’m not gonna talk about that.

Anyway, that’s all for today. See you all whenever.



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